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Hello, welcome to At the core, I am a creator. My professional journey has taken many forms from engineering student (undergrad and grad), corporate consultant, life coach, mentor, event producer, facilitator, and published writer amongst other titles.

In all shapes and forms my Big A(genda) has always been to cultivate reality embodied as truest expression (create) - ie reveal the essence and highest expression of whatever form(s) I am working with.

What I have learned along my journey is that at the deepest level, us humans all desire the same thing - love in its various expressions.

I am an energy healer, love is the fuel which I use to transform energy. The foundation of my practice is that any issue or problem you are facing can be solved at an energetic level first - freeing up the space for right action, opportunity, and solutions to be readily available.

After an energy healing, there’s often werk to do, to ground and anchor the healing. I provide support there too. We create space and cultivate it, create space and cultivate it.

On a personal note - I live in BK, which I absolutely love. I lived in BH (Beverly Hills) for 6 years which got me addicted to juicing and overpriced lattes, which I’ve recently given up (only the lattes, celery juice is bae). Before that I lived in Oakland, where I first connected with yoga and my path as a healer, even though I moved to the left coast to study engineering at Berkeley. I can often be found with my head in a book, in deep conversation, or twerking. It really depends on the vibe. And I have streetwear line called LOVR - because, why not?

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