Love As A Practice

love creates connection, the seed of that

belonging which creates community

communities that practice love frees souls

free souls evolve, love - love is It that heals      

Love As A Practice is our foundational work on how to better embody, cultivate, and practice love in the workplace. Loving employers and employees produce healthier, more efficient, and better-functioning businesses. Love is often approached as an abstract, intangible, or nebulous concept; this workshop aims to change that.

Love As A Practice is an interactive, hands-on experiential workshop where participants tap into the transformational power of love from three perspectives:

1. Defining Love

2. Embodying Love

3. Practicing Love

What could happen if you began to clearly define love for yourself? Love in relation to your colleagues? Love in relation to your organization?

What if you could use love in concrete and practical ways to heal yourself mentally and emotionally, to nurture and cultivate better relationships, and to increase your power to move through obstacles in the workplace?

What if the energy of love could be called upon and embodied in creating a workspace that decreases anxiety, increases creativity, and deepens interpersonal connection? 

In this workshop participants will:

1. Gain a clearer understanding of what love is, how it is defined, and how to discern when it is present (and when it is not).

2. Begin to look at ways love is embodied and how a loving nature can be cultivated and applied in daily life on the job.

3. Create a foundational practice for actively bringing and applying love in personal and professional interactions, in the face of adversity, and as a tool for active healing.