The Art of Femininity: Heal, Nurture, and Create

We live in a time where feminine leadership is re-emerging after being suppressed for centuries. We are all being called forth to reconnect with the feminine, heal her, and thus heal the masculine as well. Many of us who are more feminine in nature have felt ashamed and inherently bad just for being. 

The Art of a Femininity is a monthly workshop series exploring femininity. This workshop/sister circle will create the space for women to explore their relationship with their feminine essence - natural instincts, rhythms, and cycles. 

Reclaiming the feminine within you is an exercise of liberation and self-love. 

In this workshop journey you will:

  1. Learn about the energies of the feminine archetypes and how they play out in your life

  2. Re-connect with your desire for intimacy, capacity to feel, and nurture as a superpower and gift

  3. Remember your natural ability to heal yourself and those you love

  4. Learn breathing and movement techniques to help you master your emotions and re-channel them in ways that create miracles 

  5. Deepen your capacity and ability to trust - self, vision, desire, and others

Spring Workshop Series Dates: 4/26, 5/24, 6/21