HEAL: A Self-Love Starter Kit


This ‘starter kit’ is designed as an entry point to healing and transformation through what I call LoveWork. LoveWork is a set of self-love and life path alignment tools I’ve designed for ambitious, fast-paced, slightly type-A women, like myself. It is designed to help you re-connect or connect at a deeper level to the Queendom that lies within:

  • The Queendom that knows how to heal herself and her relationships

  • The Queendom with divine guidance for the unfoldment of your highest good

  • The Queendom that can manifest anything she truly desires

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The starter kit consists of three components:

1. The 5 Stages of Self-Love which maps to the phases of the moon, connecting us to the cycles that guide our inner and outer nature. The intention is to help you identify where you are in your cycle and create some context around your process

2. The Lists - I personally just love a list because it makes me feel like I have a tangible place to work from. It helps ground information, tasks, and next steps. Plus no starter kit is complete without your set of lists to get ‘started’, right?

3. Bonus: A Heart Cleansing Ritual. Rituals are like beginner recipes for integrating the content here into your daily life.

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